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Thermal, acoustic and anti-condensation insulation solutions

Thermal, acoustic and anti-condensation insulation solutions are products or methods used to reduce the transfer of heat, sound or moisture between different environments. In the case of thermal insulation, the aim is to keep heat inside a building or prevent heat loss, while acoustic insulation refers to reducing noise levels in an enclosed space. Anti-condensation insulation, on the other hand, aims to prevent condensation from forming on the interior surfaces of a building, which can lead to mould and other health problems.

These solutions can be achieved by applying insulating materials.

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Material transport solutions

Baucem offers transport services to all locations in Romania. The price is calculated according to the goods transported, their value and the distance to the destination.

In order to offer our customers flexibility in purchasing products, we provide our own fleet of transport vehicles, which can safely deliver the goods to the customer's desired address. Our car fleet is varied, which allows us to deliver quickly, regardless of the quantity and type of products purchased, to any area of the country.

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Today, in an ever-expanding and evolving world, where demand has come to outstrip the availability of resources, coupled with the impact of globalisation from a sustainable development perspective, the need to make consumption in every form more efficient becomes a priority.

Thus, our mission subscribes to and embraces the "flow" of this dimension, offering integrated solutions necessary for the thermal efficiency of buildings in complete and certified systems.

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